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Our green journey

At Kurhotel Skodsborg, we are aware that sustainable transformation takes time, that it is a learning process and that there will always be a need for optimization. With our beautiful location between forest and water, nature has always been a big part of our DNA and the cornerstone of Dr. Carl Ottosen’s values of physical and mental health.

Fresh air, clean water, light, movement and nutritious food constitute a fundamental set of values for Kurhotel Skodsborg, making us forever dependent on nature. That is why it is vital for us to look after our planet and why we attempt to incorporate sustainability into every element of the hotel’s cycles and future: in everything from the food we serve in our restaurant to the way in which we use energy. Even though we are still evolving, we hope we can inspire others to embrace our process and the initiatives already up and running.
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We try to consider sustainability in all parts of the hotel’s cycles and have made a decision to take a more focused approach to our responsibility and actively contribute to improving the well-ness culture. For ourselves, our guests and the climate.

Our laundry supplier is eco-certified and uses only organic products and energy-saving wash programs.

We collect rainwater and use it to water our plants and herbs garden.

We only serve fresh and clean Danish tap water, and we always recommend drinking tap water if possible. Instead of bottled water, we offer a reusable sugarcane water bottle in our Spa shop that can be refilled again and again.

The use of single-use plastics such as product packaging is being significantly reduced and our food is delivered in reusable containers.

We sort waste into 13 categories and try to stay ahead of the regional requirements. Last year, we have among other things, implemented a container for textiles.

To avoid food waste, we get our biowaste upcycled into biogas in collaboration with BioTrans and HCS.

We track the weight of our food waste, so we can regulate and adjust portions and purchases as needed.

More than 30% of the food we serve is organic and sourced from local Danish producers wherever possible.

The fish we serve is MSC certified, which means it is caught by a certified sustainable fishery, is not endangered and is only caught in quantities that allow the stock to remain healthy and productive.

Towards a greener future

In addition to optimising our energy and food consumption, we have launched a range of sustainable initiatives that will contribute to Kurhotel Skodsborg’s green journey.

Our green values are always at the back of our mind, and our environmental certificates are evidence of some of the goals we have already achieved and what we are striving for going forward.

From 1. January 2024, we are proud to announce that we purchase a renewably-sourced electricity from windmills.

Starting last year, we organize Clean Up Days at Skodsborg twice a year – firstly, in spring and secondly, on the day of World Clean Up Day, when we wish to contribute to a world-wide initiative.


Green Key

Green Key is the tourist industry’s international environmental certificate, given to companies that make a special effort to care for the environment. Kurhotel Skodsborg has been a Green Key hotel since 2008. That means we are committed to upholding the strict environmental requirements and constantly initiating environmental improvements.

Green Restaurant Bronze

In May 2022, our restaurant was awarded Green Restaurant – Bronze label, as part of the certification categories of Green Key focused on restaurant establishments. In addition to focusing on the use of organic foods and cleaning products, it also demands waste sorting, food waste management and cutting down on water consumption.

Bronze Organic Cuisine Label

Since 2021, our restaurant has had Danish bronze-level, organic label certification. The level (basic, bronze, silver or gold) is determined according to the percentage of organic food the restaurant uses. Currently more than 34 % of the food used by Brasserie Carl are organic, and we are determined to get even better.