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Skodsborg Reformer Studio – effective reformer and hot training

Step into a raw and tasteful universe in the brand new Skodsborg Reformer Studio, opening on August 1st.

We welcome you to the former clinic wing at Kurhotel Skodsborg, where training and health are a natural part of the building’s soul.

With us, you get a combination of effective training and renewed energy through hot or reformer training, which strengthens the whole body in a simple and gentle way.

Our concept is simple; come dressed – train – and go home feeling great.

Join one of our 20+ weekly classes in either the reformer or hot room, train with our professional instructors and experience training that challenges your strength, flexibility and endurance.
Book free trial training during opening week

What is Reformer and Hot training?

Reformer with sea views and healing hot salts

Skodsborg Reformer Studio welcomes you with 2 different rooms. A hot room and a reformer room.

The Reformer room has a sea view of Øresund and a private balcony, and fresh sea scent is a natural part of the training experience. Light curtains and the hall’s inviting light universe can be enjoyed from one of the 10 reformer machines.

Stepping into the hot room is like feeling a nice warm hug. Infrared panels in the ceiling heat the room to around 37 degrees and the healing effect of the heat is immediately felt on muscles and joints. In the hot room, several different types of exercise are performed such as hot yoga, hot pilates, hot stretching etc.

Reformer - træning

Group training – find the class that suits you

Practical information

Phone: 4558 5830

Skodsborg Reformer Studio opens 15 minutes before class starts and closes 15 minutes after class ends. Opening hours follow the individual classes offered per day.

NOTE: Skodsborg Reformer Studio is located on the 1st floor of the conference building.

Address: Skodsborg Strandvej 125B, 1st floor, 2942 Skodsborg.

Skodsborg Reformer Studio is located at Kurhotel Skodsborg and is housed in the former clinic wing on the 1st floor of our conference building.

There is an entrance via the conference building at SØJLEGANGEN.

If you are a Spa Fitness member, there is also access via the hallway at Gym 0.

You can train reformer or hot-hold by purchasing a punch card for Skodsborg Reformer Studio. To purchase vouchers, create a profile in our system here. It is also through your profile that you can sign up for classes. The team schedule can be found here.

Membership of Skodsborg Spa Fitness does not automatically give access to Skodborg Reformer Studio.

Membership of Skodsborg Spa Fitness is not required to access the Skodsborg Reformer Studio.

During the opening week from d. August 1-7 we offer free trial training. Book your seat here.

From d. On August 8th, you can still sign up for a free trial class, as we always offer an optional free trial class at Skodsborg Reformer Studio. Contact us by phone at least 15 days in advance if you want a trial lesson.

Opening offer (valid until August 7, 2024)
10 x clips – 1,600 kr.
10 x clips – DKK 1,300 (as an add-on to Spa Fitness membership)

Normal price (valid from August 8, 2024)
10 x clips – 2,000 kr.
10 x clips – DKK 1,500 as an add-on to Spa Fitness membership

Vouchers are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase and cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash/other services.

Buy vouchers here.

You can book reformer or hot classes by creating a profile and signing up here. Class registration can be done at the earliest 15 days in advance.

If the class is fully booked, it is possible to join the waiting list. Classes often become available and you will automatically be notified at least 2 hours in advance if you have a place in the class.

Forreformer training, we recommend using Toe Sox.

Toe Sox are socks with anti-slip under the sole of the foot and toes to prevent slipping during exercises on the reformer. Toe Sox can be purchased in the Spa Shop, located on the 1st floor of Spa Fitness.

For trial sessions and as a hotel guest, it is possible to train in regular socks. It is not allowed to wear indoor shoes.

For hot training, the room is heated to 37 degrees. Hot training is performed barefoot and preferably in light clothing. Bikini/swimwear is not allowed. We recommend bringing a towel and water bottle.

No-show fee v. Failure to unsubscribe costs 50 kr.

Cancellations must be made no later than 2 hours before the class starts.

Skodsborg Reformer Studio welcomes you in raw and tasteful surroundings.
The concept is simple; show up dressed – work out – and go home feeling great.

It is possible to change in the restrooms, but we recommend arriving changed from home.

There are no shower facilities in Skodsborg Reformer Studio.

If you’re brand new, you can safely sign up for a free trial lesson. There is always an optional free trial session at Skodsborg Reformer Studio. Class registration can be done at the earliest 15 days in advance. Contact us by phone if you would like a trial lesson.

At reformer, the instructor will give you a short introduction before the class starts. Therefore, please come dressed and be ready within 10 minutes. before the start of the shift.

It is possible to bring guests to Skodsborg Reformer Studio. When registering for classes, an extra seat is booked for your guest and paid for with vouchers from your voucher card.

If you have forgotten something in Skodsborg Reformer Studio, you are welcome to contact us via email.

We have free parking at street level. Parking is recommended at Villa Rex (driveway first right upon arrival at Kurhotel Skodsborg).
If parked for more than 4 hours, the license plate must be registered at the Hotel or Spa Fitness reception.
We also have 4 parking spaces with chargers for electric cars (requires subscription to E.ON) and 6 disabled parking spaces.