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Manicures and pedicures – small details for a complete effect

Quick and easy luxury. Your nails are filed and cuticles shaped, after which your hands or feet are moisturized with a beautiful cream.

Extra pampering for your hands. In addition to well-shaped nails, cuticles and a beautiful polish, your hands are also pampered with a moisturizing mask and massage. A quick pedicure pampers your feet with a foot bath and exfoliation, moisturizing mask and a heavenly massage.

Shellac is a professional varnish that provides a perfect surface that resists scratches and lasts about three weeks. If you already have shellac and want a new coat, you need to book a removal together with the manicure you want. Remember to let us know if you want French lacquer.

Shellac removal: We do not remove gel and acrylic nails.


Quick Manicure/Pedicure 25 minutes
325 DKK
Quick Manicure/Pedicure + shellac 50 minutes
650 DKK
Quick Manicure/Pedicure + regular polish 50 minutes
620 DKK
Luxury Manicure/Pedicure 50 minutes
650 DKK
Luxury Manicure/Pedicure + shellac 80 minutes
880 DKK
Luxury Manicure/Pedicure + regular polish 80 minutes
820 DKK
Shellac removal 15 minutes
180 DKK