Stine Lolk

Stine Lolk joined the board of Kurhotel Skodsborg in 2020.

Stine Lolk is Folkemøde Director of Madens Folkemøde, which every spring brings together Food Denmark and sets the stage for conversations about what’s on our plates and how we produce it. Over two days, Madens Folkemøde offers guests debates, food craftsmanship, dining experiences and much more. The setting is the beautiful Engestofte Manor near Maribo on Lolland.

From 2015-2022, Stine Lolk was Festival Director of Copenhagen’s major food festival Copenhagen Cooking at Food Organisation of Denmark, which annually organizes Denmark’s largest and most significant food events across the country. Prior to Copenhagen Cooking, Stine spent 15 years at Tivoli in various roles – from Head of Communications, to Deputy Director of Communications and HR, to Assistant Director of Communications and Entertainment. In addition to Kurhotel Skodsborg, Stine Lolk is also a board member of Copenhagen Phil and a member of the board of the Danish Association of Experience Producers.

Stine is a graduate of cand.comm. from Roskilde University.

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