Our coaches are passionate about getting you to perform at your best, and in our modern gym you can train on your own, be part of a motivational class or book an effective programme.

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You should be at the centre of your fitness training

Your training is personal and it should be tailored to your needs, whether you find being part of a class motivational or prefer to pace yourself in a gym. You work out in our bright, high-ceilinged gym or outside, and afterwards you can re-energise yourself in our exclusive spa. You see, we believe that your surroundings help you go the extra mile when working out.

A membership includes your initial Skodsborg Fitness Test (value 750 DKK)

How to become a member

To become a member, contact the reception at our Spa & Fitness in person. Remember a photo ID.

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Find the Spa & Fitness membership that suits you

Medlemskab, priser pr. 1. januar 2019

Fuld adgang ALLE DAGE – ubegrænset berosætning
KR. 1.350,- pr. måned

Fitness og hold ALLE DAGE – eksklusive aqua hold
KR. 925,- pr. måned

Skodsborg Spa ALLE DAGE – inklusive aqua hold
KR. 950,- pr. måned

Fuld adgang ALLE DAGE – KR. 22.200,-
Vand og håndklædeservice, 20 % på Spa Beauty behandlinger alle dage,
fri adgang til VIP lounge, 1 x vaskeservice pr. uge, 3 x FitnessTest,
3 x kostvejledning, 4 vouchers, VIP invitation til events
Kan berosættes i op til 12 måneder – min. 7 dage pr. gang.

SKY (Skodsborg Youngsters – 15-22 år) ALLE DAGE
KR. 575,- pr. måned

Seniormedlemskab (65 år) ALLE HVERDAGE 9.30-16.00
KR. 750,- pr. måned

Aften adgang FRA 18.30 SØNDAG-TORSDAG
KR. 700,- pr. måned

Spa Day (adgang til alle spa faciliteter, fitness og hold) KR. 800,-
10-turs kort Spa Day (gyldighed: 12 måneder) KR. 6.000,-
Inklusive badekåbe, håndklæde og slippers

Fitness Day (adgang til fitness og hold) KR. 250,-
10-turs kort Fitness Day (gyldighed 6 måneder) KR. 1.900,-

Fakturagebyr KR. 40,-
Erstatningschip ved bortkommen chip KR. 150,-
Udeblivelsesgebyr ved manglende afmelding til hold KR. 25,-
Gebyr – manglende eller for sen afmelding ved aftalt tid KR. 150,-
Alle fitnessmedlemmer tilbydes en Fitnesstest til en værdi af KR. 750,-
Ovennævnte priser er inklusive delvis moms og gyldige i 2019

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Skodsborg Fitness Test: This is where your training starts

To ensure you have the right starting point for your training, we have developed an in-depth fitness test. The test helps you keep track of your progress and maintain a focus during your training. The test takes 50 minutes, consisting of measuring waist and fat percentage, a dynamic strength test and a fitness test and is adjusted to gender and age. We also recommend follow-up tests every three to six months, so you can optimize your development.

Fitness Test: 750 DKK
Note: The first test is free for new members.

To book your fitness test contact The Spa & Fitness reception at or via phone +45 4558 5830.

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Reach your goals with personal training

Do you want a tailored fitness programme that targets weight loss or rehabilitation after an injury? Do you have difficulty keeping motivated when exercising on your own? Or do you need advice to make sure you are getting the most out of your fitness exercises? A personal trainer is the solution. Kurhotel Skodsborg’s personal trainers work with both women and men and cover most types of training, including CrossFit, TRX and fitness exercises, with experienced trainers who know all about the inner workings of the body.

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Kurhotel Skodsborg

Main number: +45 4558 5800
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The Lobby

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