Take a break from everyday life and pamper your senses at Kurhotel Skodsborg’s spa north of Copenhagen. Between the beach and the forest, you can de-stress and find your inner balance


Make your skin glow with a facial

Book a facial treatment at Kurhotel Skodsborg, maybe as part of your visit to the spa. Our skilled specialists will tailor the treatment and choose the right products to make your skin look its very best.

We work with effective, yet gentle products from Kerstin Florian, Bioeffect and iS Clinical.

Nordic Face Treatment

When it comes to your skin, effective face treatment should always be tailored to you and your specific needs. So our skilled therapists begin by analysing your skin, and together you choose the products and the treatment that meet your wishes and goals.

50 min. / 800 DKK
80 min. / 1.200 DKK

Gua Sha Facial

De-stress - intensively moisturising - cell renewing

This sensuous and intensively moisturising Kerstin Floridan treatment will gently regenerate skin elasticity and activate cell renewal. The treatment is based on a two thousand years old Chinese massage method, using the special Gua Sha stones in combination with acupressure to stimulate the skin. The treatment includes a gentle facial massage with Gua Sha stones, a cleanse, a gently peeling enzyme mask and a moisturising elixir carefully matched to your skin type.

50 min. / 800 DKK

Men’s Nordic Face

A special facial made for men, focusing on skin quality with deep cleansing. The treatment also consists of a facial massage and plenty of moisture and skin nutrition from a mask. We also trim and correct facial hair.

The treatment includes:
Deep cleansing
Facial massage
Mask and treatment wit selected products
Trimming of facial hair

50 min. / 800 DKK

Nordic Dream Treatment

Book three heavenly hours with the ultimate face and body treatment. You will begin with a refreshing footbath and a nutritious smoothie, while we analyse your skin and tailor the treatment to your wishes. Afterwards, we offer ‘Tea with Georg’, our Nordic-inspired afternoon tea.

The treatment includes:
Refreshing footbath
Skin analysis
Treatment with selected products
‘Tea with Georg’ Nordic Afternoon Tea

3 hours / 3.200 DKK
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Practical information

Arrive early

We advise you to arrive 15 minutes before your treatment to get into a tranquil frame of mind. Enjoy a quiet moment and maybe a cup of relaxing tea and fresh fruit in our Beauty Lounge.

We supply all those plush items

You always get a bathrobe, towel and slippers when you check in for treatment.

Enjoy a stay in our Spa

Remember that you can purchase free access to our Spa for 300 DKK for treatments of 50 minutes or more (Monday to Thursday only). Use the spa before your treatment and you will be completely relaxed and your skin will be ready for the nutritious products we use.

Feel free to ask any questions when booking

You will meet both female and male therapists with us. If you have doubts about anything, ask us when you book your appointment, making sure you get exactly the treatment you want.


Monday-Sunday 8.00 am – 10.00 pm at tel. 4558 5800 or book here


If you need to move your appointment or are unable to make it, we need to know by 6.00 pm the day before your appointment. If you cancel or move the time later than that, we will have to charge you 50% of the treatment’s price.

All prices are valid as from 1 January 2018.
We reserve the right to make any changes to treatments and prices.

Wellness for your pregnant body

When you are pregnant, it is extra important to care for yourself and your body. At Kurhotel Skodsborg you are in safe hands with trained specialists who can advise you on which treatments your body can handle. We use gentle, mild products, and our massage therapists have special pillows with room and support for your bump. A treatment is also the perfect gift for your pregnant girlfriend, sister, daughter or girlfriend.

Read about massage treatments

Upgrade your spa treatment to a full Spa Day

Are you looking for a relaxing spa treatment? Why not extend the experience of laid-back luxury with a Spa Day?

Purchase of Spa Day costs DKK 800, –

You can access our bright, inviting spa, where you can feel the effect of 16 different cool and hot bathing experiences, relax in the lounge and enjoy tea, fruit and water and maybe dip in the ocean or the outdoor pools.

Monday to Thursday:
If you buy a 50 min treatment or a more extended treatment, you can upgrade your treatment with access to the spa for DKK 300, –

Friday Saturday and Sunday:
If you wish to upgrade your spa treatment with Spa access on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, you pay the full price DKK 800,-

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