Take a break from everyday life and pamper your senses at Kurhotel Skodsborg’s spa north of Copenhagen. Between the beach and the forest, you can de-stress and find your inner balance

Skodsborg Spa Day is a day about you

From 800 DKK per person

Devote a day to pure self-indulgence and check in for selected wellness treats at the Kurhotel Skodsborg Spa & Fitness. The spa is open for day guests and hotel guests alike.

We invite you to begin your Spa Day in our bright, modern gym, either on your own or by joining one or several of our classes, and spend the rest of the day in our award-winning spa with 16 hot and cooling bathing experiences which de-stress the body as well as the mind, cleanse and energise.

Experience our SKODSBORG FLOW – a unique series of spa rituals which will add to your spa experience, leaving you feeling energised and cleansed.
We have developed SKODSBORG FLOW: a fusion of new and millennia old bathing traditions and treatment methods as well as the latest research on wellness.

Skodsborg FLOW will help you strengthen your immune system and achieve mental balance as well as boost your blood circulation and stimulate your connective tissue. Furthermore our guests tell us that they sleep better, feel more at ease in their bodies and experience a greater sense of everyday joy.

Each FLOW experience lasts eight to 12 minutes and the spa instructor initiates up to two different FLOW experiences an hour. The experience could be body scrub, meditation in our salt cave, hydro jet massage or SaunaGus (mist sauna) – depending on wishes and feedback from guests. Booking is not required.

We invite you to learn more about Skodsborg FLOW

If you need a little break from the spa experiences the spa area has a tranquil lounge where you can enjoy tea, fresh fruits and water.

We invite you to enjoy lunch in the Spa Café or The Lobby

Spa Day 800 DKK
Spa Day incl. bathing rituals kit 1,050 DKK
Spa Day Pass (10 visits) 6,000 DKK

Upgrade your spa day to a relaxing hotel stay

Book an overnight stay with your Spa Day, and experience the luxury of wrapping yourself in your bathrobe after a long day in our Spa & Fitness section and sneaking off to a comfortable bed. This is the ultimate wellness. Later, you are welcome to have dinner at The Restaurant by Kroun, The Restaurant or The Lobby, but we also offer room service. After a good night’s sleep, we serve a delicious breakfast buffet. Maybe you have time for a quick dip in the sea or an active hour in the gym before you return to reality?

Please note that access for two people to the spa can cost almost the same as a double room so why not spend the night?

Tripadvisor testimonial

The hotel’s spa includes all the pools, gyms, various classes, saunas, jacuzzi, and all the other options are of a very high standard, and the service is excellent.


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