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Saunagus – Aromatherapy in the sauna

Saunagus is aromatherapy where one of our trained gus masters works with essential oils on the sauna’s hot stove and swirls the oils around the sauna with a towel or fan, distributing the scent and heat throughout the sauna. Pure essential oils are used to create a mild scent with varying effects of relaxation, calmness, circulation and renewed energy and strength. No two rounds of showers are the same, so it’s always a unique experience to be at a sauna gus.
You can get an extra energy boost by cooling off in our cold water tub or take a dip in the Sound after your shower.

Participation in sauna classes requires a membership with access to the spa or that you are a guest at the hotel.

In addition to our weekly sauna classes, it is also possible to participate in event sauna gus with our skilled gus masters, where you can enjoy an adventurous journey of well-being where all your senses are activated.

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