Take a break from everyday life and pamper your senses at Kurhotel Skodsborg’s spa north of Copenhagen. Between the beach and the forest, you can de-stress and find your inner balance


The cold shudder will boost your metabolism, strengthen your immune system and make you feel happy and carefree. Bathing in cold water releases numerous transmitter substances in the brain, including endorphins, serotonin and dopamine. After your dip in the sea, the energy lick will make you feel ‘high’. Your blood will whizz around your body, and you will feel the renewed energy for several hours after. Many people experience a special sens of victory, having conquered their first attempts at winter swimming.

The combination of an icy cold dip in the sea with a session in our hot sauna is a treat for all the senses.  The interaction between the cold water and the hot sauna is an efficient way of cleaning out stress hormones, for example. If you make it a regular habit, you will also reduce inflammation in your body. It is pure self-indulgence.


If you are thinking about having a go at winter swimming, here are a few tips before you immerse yourself in the waves.

– Accustom your body to winter swimming by swimming in the sea in the warm summer months, then continue during the autumn and winter.

– If you start when it is already cold, you can acclimatise your body in a tub of cold water.

– Warm up your muscles, so you are warm before jumping in. If you are already high on endorphins, it is easier to beat yourself.

– Wear a hat when winter swimming and you will retain warmth better. 80% of the body’s heat disappears through the head.

– Wear water shoes and try to have a pair of warm shoes at the ready for when you get out, and a towel to stand on.

– Do not put your head under water. The cold water provides a lower inflow of blood to the brain, so there is a risk of fainting. That is why you should not swim alone – not just for the sake of fun, but so you can help one another if anything happens.

– Short dips of 20-30 seconds are enough to boost your mood and your well-being with a long-term effect.

Ready to take the leap? We are happy to organise a winter swim for groups, followed by admission to the Spa. It is a sensory experience that not only stimulates the circulation and connective tissue, but also enhances mental balance, improves sleep and enhances everyday joie-de-vivre.