Take a break from everyday life and pamper your senses at Kurhotel Skodsborg’s spa north of Copenhagen. Between the beach and the forest, you can de-stress and find your inner balance


Give your body new life with a body treatment.

In our busy lives, we can easily forget to care for our bodies. Kurhotel Skodsborg’s targeted body treatments are based on Nordic traditions that activate your body and generate renewed energy.

Neroli Blossom Sensory Experience

Relaxing - peace of mind - new energy
A perfect aroma therapy with a focus on deep relaxation. The treatment includes energy balancing, dry brushing for lymphatic stimulation, foot ritual and meditative massage. This helps the body regenerate new energy.

80 min. / 1.280 DKK

Gua Sha Body Treatment

Vitality - detox - well-being
A therapeutic whole-body massage with Bian stones - a beneficial Gua Sha technique that boosts the circulation. The treatment relieves muscular tension, smooths the skin and detoxifies the body. You choose the focus area.

50 min. / 850 DKK


Glow - softness - fragrance sensation
We polish off the dead skin with fragrant camomile to give your skin a wonderful glow. We finish off the treatment with warm, softening, camomile body lotion and nourishing oil.

80 min. / 1.280 DKK

Energizing Treatment

Muscle-relaxing – Energising – Deep Cleansing
An invigorating treatment that starts with a gentle dry brushing, followed by a full body wrap in exclusive clay, which energises muscles and joints. Your scalp and face will enjoy a refreshing massage.
The treatment concludes with a moisturising application of rich mineral cream.

80 min. / 1.280 DKK

Bioeffect Body

Boost – Glow – Well-being
A refreshing full-body treatment using the award-winning BIOEFFECT
products that will improve your skin’s elasticity and firmness. The skin is cleansed with a softening scrub containing micro-crystallised Icelandic lava, followed by a massage to stimulate blood circulation and improve the effect of the active ingredients in the products.
Also suitable for pregnant women.

80 min. / 1.280 DKK

Beautiful Mother

Wellness - Natural Products
A treatment that focuses on what you and your body need during your pregnancy. We use pure and gentle products. The treatment begins with a body scrub, followed by a light massage, to release tensions in your muscles. You'll get new glow to your face with a facemask and a wonderful massage.

80 min. / 1.280 DKK

Nordic Glow

Glow – Softness – Well-being
A scrub treatment to soften your skin and to give it a beautiful glow. Your body will be exfoliated and the treatment concludes with a moisture lubrication.

50 min. / 850 DKK

Nordic Hot Stone, Duo

Relaxation – Pleasure – Mindfulness
A relaxing luxury treatment, starting with a natural salt scrub to soften the skin, followed by a relaxing shower. Then your body is wrapped being in sheets, and your face will be cleansed and massaged with hot stones. The treatment continues with a relaxing, oil and hot stone massage.
You can also book this treatment for one person.


80 min. / 1.280 DKK

Men's Nordic

Indulgence – De-stressing – Energising
This relaxing treatment consist of a fast-acting body scrub, which improves blood circulation and energising, and a de-stressing massage, which also involves a scalp massage.

80 / 1.280 DKK

Babymoon Treatment

For the mother-to-be:
A relaxing treatment that focuses on what you and your body need during your pregnancy. The treatment starts with a body scrub, followed by a relaxing massage.
We use natural products and concentrate on your tired feet and legs, softening and moisturising your skin, relieving tension in your stiff muscles and giving you a new glow.

For the father-to-be:
An relaxing treatment, in which the therapeutic effects of minerals and essential oils relax and restore both body and senses. The treatment begins with a strengthening salt scrub, followed by a relaxing massage that releases the muscles.

Free admission to Spa & Fitness
80 minutes in shared treatment room

80 min. / 2.550 DKK
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Practical information

Arrive early

We advise you to arrive 15 minutes before your treatment to get into a tranquil frame of mind. Enjoy a quiet moment and maybe a cup of relaxing tea and fresh fruit in our Beauty Lounge.

We supply all those plush items

You always get a bathrobe, towel and slippers when you check in for treatment.

Feel free to ask any questions when booking

You will meet both female and male therapists with us. If you have doubts about anything, ask us when you book your appointment, making sure you get exactly the treatment you want.


Monday-Sunday 8.00 am – 10.00 pm at tel. 4558 5800 or book here


If you need to move your appointment or are unable to make it, we need to know by 6.00 pm the day before your appointment. If you cancel or move the time later than that, we will have to charge you 50% of the treatment’s price.

ACCES to the SPA

All treatments (minimum 50 minutes) booked Monday to Thursday, gives you the opportunity to purchase spa access for DKK 300,-. Spa access Friday to Sunday in connection with a treatment costs DKK 800,-.

All prices are valid as from 1 January 2022.
We reserve the right to make any changes to treatments and prices.

Customised treatments for men

Your skin and face need unique products and customised face and body treatments to make the most of your time with us. Our trained staff always begin by analysing your skin and asking about your wishes and needs in order to plan the optimal treatment. All our products are effective, yet gentle and subtly fragranced, making sure you can return to the day’s schedule immediately after treatment.