Skodsborg Flow – Nordic Spa Experiences In Skodsborg Spa & Fitness

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Treat your body and all your senses to our Skodsborg FLOW – a unique series of spa experiences which will add to your spa visit, leaving you feeling energised and cleansed.
The spa experiences will help you strengthen your immune system and achieve mental balance as well as stimulate your blood circulation and connective tissue. Furthermore our guests tell us that they sleep better, feel more at ease in their bodies, and experience more joy in their everyday lives.
We have developed SKODSBORG FLOW: a fusion of new and millennia old bathing traditions and treatment methods and the latest research on wellness.

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K-lift efficient facial treatment kerstin florian anti-age charlotte torpegaard

We are proud to be able to offer the unique K-Lift treatment, which ensures quick, visible results.
The treatment is an advanced system for efficient facial treatments, which energizes, tightens and rejuvenates your skin. The secret behind the efficiency of the K-Lift treatment is a specially developed machine, which employs kinetic energy to counter-act the processes which age the skin.
The K-Lift treatment has been developed by our close collaboration partner, Kerstin Florian, acknowledged world-wide for their exclusive, trend-setting beauty products.

K-Lift treatment is efficient because:
Further to peeling, facial massage and a face mask K-Lift treatment combines three non-invasive anti-aging technologies

  • Red Led light emitting diodes (light energy)
  • Impulse micro-currents (kinetic energy)
  • Transdermal delivery

The treatment affects all of the skin’s layers with a visible result, among others

  • The muscles in your face will be toned and lifted
  • Your production of collagen will be increased
  • The lines in your face will be reduced and your wrinkles will be softened
  • The contours in your face will be firmer

K-Lift treatment is popularly known as “the face-lift without a knife”.
The initial K-Lift treatment is DKK 1,200 and lasts for 80 minutes. For the optimum effect of the K-Lift treatment we recommend that you, after the first treatment of 80 minutes, including in-depth cleansing, repeat the treatment five times within a month. We offer a special K-Lift punch card with five treatments at DKK 4,200.
We invite you to enquire at the Spa & Fitness reception if you would like more information about the K-Lift treatment.

We invite you to read the post about the K-Lift treatment by acclaimed beauty expert, Charlotte Torpegaard, in the post “Your skin looks like a peach!” (sorry, in Danish only).