Recipe For Skodsborg’s Paleo Bread

paleo smørrebrød bread the lobby recipe pastry chef healthyQuite a few of our guests have asked for the recipe for our tasty – and healthy – paleo bread, and our Head Pastry Chef, Susie Høj, is more than happy to share it.

Recipe for Skodsborg’s Paleo Bread

100 g pumpkin seeds
150 g sesame seeds
150 g flax seeds
5 eggs
100 g sunflower oil
10 g salt
100 g peanuts (deskinned)
75 g almonds (deskinned)
75 g almonds with skin
50 g hazel nuts

Mix everything in a food mixer till the eggs thicken in order for the nuts not to settle at the bottom (approx. 5 minutes). Pour the mix into a bread baking tin, greased with oil.

Bake the bread at 170 degrees Celsius for approx. 35 minutes.


We invite you to read Nutritionist Gitte Høj’s explanation on why paleo bread is so healthy for you.

Or to enjoy our tasty paleo “smørrebrød” (pictured) in The Lobby.