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Rob Haans

Background: Rob has a long sports background with a main focus on fitness and martial arts, both as an instructor/trainer/coach and as an elite athlete. For many years, Rob has fought on the Dutch national team in Ju-jutsu and has, among other things, won gold at 2 Euro Championships, 2 World Games and 3 World Championships. In 2021, Rob was named the best World Games athlete in Ju-jutsu ever.
For more than 35 years, Rob has worked as a personal trainer and trainer/instructor/coach within fitness and martial arts. Rob has also worked as a trainer within the military and police.
Focus: Putting the person first! We are all different, and therefore we must always assess what works best for the individual. Often it is not the training itself that is the hardest and most challenging part: but prioritizing the training, adapting it to everyday life and sticking to the new routine and lifestyle. This is the challenging part which also needs a lot of focus.
Motto: “We listen, We train, We Care!”
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