Our coaches are passionate about getting you to perform at your best, and in our modern gym you can train on your own, be part of a motivational class or book an effective programme.

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Maximise your results with personal training

You get the best and most effective training with a personal trainer. A professional, experienced coach who can help you plan your personal fitness programme will help you achieve your goals and ensure that you avoid injuries. This is how you get the most out of your time at the gym.

At Kurhotel Skodsborg we have a wide range of personal trainers (both women and men), all of who have different focuses. This may be rehabilitation, weight loss, a toned body, increased muscle strength or greater flexibility.

How to find a personal trainer

Contact Spa & Fitness on tel. 4558 5830

Camilla Pabijan

Functional training, weightlifting and fitness

Anne-Louise Haarby

Stress, Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga

Anne Mette Goddokken


Cyril Kalvåg

Guidance in preventive training and medical training and rehabilitation

Ditte Dyrholm

Stress treatment, chronic pain and long-term illness

Lotte Rask

TRX, Functional Training and Pilates

Linda Langkilde

Relaxation and strengthening of the body’s core

Mariann Mie Haslund

mindfulness, relaxation and agility

Peter Ahlfors

TRX and free weights

Piyana Pommer


Rikke Hørlykke

Custom training programmes