Our coaches are passionate about getting you to perform at your best, and in our modern gym you can train on your own, be part of a motivational class or book an effective programme.

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VIP Membership: The training solution if you want it all

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Few things beat the feeling you get after an effective training session, in which you achieved the results you wanted. But our exclusive VIP service does. With Skodsborg VIP you upgrade your gym membership to an annual subscription and get the best of everything that Kurhotel Skodsborg can offer.

VIP membership comes with 3 x Skodsborg Fitness Tests (value 2,250 DKK). With three tests in the course of a year, you will be able to follow your progress and set new goals with your coach.

How to become a member

To become a member, contact the reception at out Spa & Fitness in person. Remember a photo ID.

Included in the VIP annual membership

VIP club in 12 months

Full admission EVERY DAY – DKK 22,500
Water and towel service, 20% on Spa Beauty treatments
every day, 1 laundry service per week, 3 Fitness Tests,
3 dietary consultations and VIP invitations to Spa & Fitness events.
Can be suspended for up to 12 months – but no fewer than 7 days at a time.

Classes EVERY DAY (excluding aqua and sauna classes – the spa) – no on-hold service
DKK 10,500
Gym EVERY DAY – no on-hold service
DKK 10,200
Skodsborg Spa EVERY DAY including aqua classes – no on-hold service
DKK 10,500

Skodsborg Fitness Test: This is where your training starts

To ensure you have the right starting point for your training, we have developed an in-depth fitness test. The test helps you keep track of your progress and maintain a focus during your training. The test takes 50 minutes, consisting of measuring waist and fat percentage, a dynamic strength test and a fitness test and is adjusted to gender and age. We also recommend follow-up tests every three to six months, so you can optimize your development.

Fitness Test: 750 DKK
Note: The first test is free for new members.

To book your fitness test contact The Spa & Fitness reception at or via phone +45 4558 5830.

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