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Treat your body and all your senses to our Skodsborg FLOW – a unique series of spa experiences which will add to your spa visit, leaving you feeling energised and cleansed.
The spa experiences will help you strengthen your immune system and achieve mental balance as well as stimulate your blood circulation and connective tissue. Furthermore our guests tell us that they sleep better, feel more at ease in their bodies, and experience more joy in their everyday lives.
We have developed SKODSBORG FLOW: a fusion of new and millennia old bathing traditions and treatment methods and the latest research on wellness.

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Mathias Nielsen: ”Skodsborg Cross is an Investment in Yourself”

Kurhotel Skodsborg spa fitness Skodsborg Cross workout mathias nielsen”You do press-ups like a girl,” an elderly woman told our Skodsborg Cross Instructor, Mathias Nielsen, the first time he tried his hand at this popular type of workout.
“I was over-weight as a teenager and lost 25 kg from lifting weights – so I was muscular but not very flexible. Skodsborg Cross just makes so much more sense than lifting weights. You make movements which the body is built to make – and you grow stronger on the stuff that you do in your everyday life.”

“We Have Fun – and Improve”

“The participants in my classes have their say on the workouts,” says Mathias Nielsen.
Mathias listens to the participants’ requests and makes an effort to compose programmes where everybody gets the result from the workout that they want.”
Mathias adds: “The participants tell me that they like my classes because we work hard but they have fun – and they improve their level of fitness.”

A Typical Skodsborg Cross Class with Mathias Nielsen

“I like to play loud music and I focus a lot on creating a good atmosphere and good energy in my Skodsborg Cross classes,” says Mathias Nielsen when he is to give an example of one of his typical Skodsborg Cross classes.
He works from a fairly fixed template.
First, all first-timers are introduced to the team.
“We perform as a team,” says Mathias.
“I often work with partner-workouts, meaning that the newbies have a friend from the beginning. Someone who will help and motivate them.”
Then comes the warm-up – preferably something fun which will bring a smile to the participants’ faces.
And finally the workout of the day (WOD) – most often 30 minutes, sometimes with 15 minutes of lifting weights, and sometimes with a so-called “finisher”, meaning that all the participants are “used” to the max.

Mathias Nielsen’s Background

Mathias has been lifting weights for about ten years and doing Skodsborg Cross for about five years.
He has had the below training

  • Skodsborg Cross course from Skodsborg Cross Copenhagen
  • Skodsborg Cross Level 1

Mathias has just begun competing in Skodsborg Cross competitions and will, among other competitions, participate in First Timers Vol. 11 on 28-29 September 2018 in Køge and in Gladsaxe Skodsborg Cross on 1 November 2018.

Skodsborg Cross with Mathias Nielsen

You can join Mathias Nielsen’s classes

  • Skodsborg Cross SKY (youngster members) Tuesday at 19.00 and Thursday at 18.00
  • Skodsborg Cross WOD (Workout Of the Day) Wednesday at 18.00, Friday at 17.00 and Sunday at 09.00

Book your place at Mathias’ classes under Class Training.

Workout with running coach and nutrition consultant Gitte Høj

Gitte høj jens tygesen health kurhotel skodsborg running coach nutritionist

“It is my nutrition philosophy that you should do everything in moderation. Be critical and aware of what you consume. Stop and listen to your body. How does it feel?” says Gitte Høj, our running coach and nutritionist.
Gitte adds, “You must train according to your desire and the goals you set. And set realistic goals. That is to say: If it is realistic to achieve three training sessions in a week, then that is what you stick to. Others may achieve seven and then again some might only achieve one. That is my training philosophy.”


“I am used to running in teams, but also at having one-on-one sessions. In team training, I focus on technique and interval training. In one-on-one training, we start with you, and what you want – it can be technique improvement, working towards a goal and more, “says Gitte Høj on her work as a running coach.


If you want to improve your running technique, try a session where you  run one-on-one with Gitte in the forest. Here she will advise you on how to improve your running.
Or join Gitte’s “Power Walk for Everybody” on Tuesdays at 09.00 am.
We invite you to visit Schedule for Group Fitness Classes to book one of Gitte’s running or power walking sessions.
You can also book one-on-one sessions with Gitte Høj by contacting


“I always take the individual into account in my consultations. It is always you, the client who is in focus. I am used to working with lifestyle changes and know the processes you have to go through to succeed with your goal, “says Gitte Høj.
60 minutes of nutrition consultation by Gitte Høj is DKK 1,700 – and a 30-minute follow-up nutrition consultation is DKK 500.
For an individual course, please contact Gitte. Individual courses are normally composed by more than five consultations and will contain a starting package with Gitte’s books as well as other products which she finds relevant.
You can book nutrition consultations with Gitte Høj in the Spa & Fitness reception at +45 4558 5800 or by writing to Gitte at


Gitte has a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and health and has worked in the profession since 2005. She is a licensed nutritionist, health consultatnt and running coach at Kurhotel Skodsborg. In addition, Gitte owns her own company – Gitte Høj – where she, among other things, works as a writer, lecturer and health consultant.


Based on your current form, Gitte Høj – and our other personal trainers – organize a training program that meets your needs and goals. The coach explains, directs and motivates you through the entire process so that you reach your goals. Meet our team of competent personal trainers here.