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“I will help you reach your goals – and teach you how to maintain them in a simple and easy way,” says our Personal Trainer, Camilla Pabijan.
Camilla adds, ”Training, nutrition and restitution are the three focal points you need to obtain and maintain a healthy, strong and sports-trained body – right now and for the rest of your long life.”

Personal Trainer and Instructor in TRX and Skodsborg Cross
”My sporting experience is from gymnastics, dancing, fitness, boxing, climbing, Skodsborg Cross, weight lifting and TRX functional training,” says Camilla Pabijan, who works as an Instructor, Personal Trainer and Teacher at Instruktørskolen (the school for Instructors).
Camilla’s professional background is

  • Studying for state authorised reflexologist
  • “Health Owl” via ATWORK
  • Certified baby swimming instructor
  • Physiotherapist and medical exams via ATWORK
  • Instructor in TRX, Skodsborg Cross, functional training and body therapy
  • Climbing Instructor/ERCA International
  • Course with Poul Chek

Contact Personal Trainer Camilla Pabijan
We invite you to book a session with Camilla Pabijan by calling the Spa & Fitness reception at +45 4558 5800.
Or by mailing Camilla at
You can participate in Camilla Pabijan’s classes as follows

  • Skodsborg Cross WOD Tuesday 6.00 pm, Friday 9.00 am or every second Saturday at 9.00 am
  • Skodsborg Cross Striking Wednesday at 8.00 am
  • TRX Functional (Level 2) Monday at 10.00 am, Tuesday at 5.00 pm, Thursday at 10.00 am kl. 10.00, Friday at 10.00 am or Saturday at 10.00 am
  • TRX H.I.I.T. Friday at 07.30 am
  • TRX WOD Friday at 10.00 am

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Reach Your Goals with a Personal Trainer
Camilla Pabijan – and our other Personal Trainers – evaluate the your present condition and design a training programme corresponding to your needs and goals.
The Trainer explains, guides and motivates you throughout the process in order for you to reach your goals.
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