CrossFit varied efficient fun training camilla pabijan

“I thought CrossFit was super cool when I first tried it seven years ago,” says our CrossFit Instructor and Personal Trainer, Camilla Pabijan.
”I have tried so many different kinds of training, e.g., gymnastics, dance, boxing and climbing, but CrossFit gives me so much more. It’s fun, inspiring and constantly challenges me on all levels.”
Camilla smiles: “It’s a playground for adults. I began because of the variation and the efficiency but I very much stayed around because of the community spirit.”

Camilla Pabijan: The Advantages from Doing CrossFit

”When you do CrossFit your condition improves and you become stronger,” says Camilla Pabijan.
“Over the course of a few months you will see your body change, you become muscular and you have more energy. Furthermore you increase your body awareness because you are constantly challenged in different ways, technically as well as in your motor skills.”
Camilla finishes: “And it’s great fun. Most people begin because of the physical results but the social element and the sparring during the workout is an important reason for them to stick with it.”

 A Typical CrossFit Session with Camilla Pabijan

”We always begin with a thorough warm-up,” says Camilla Pabijan when she explains about one of her typical CrossFit sessions.
After the warm-up Camilla will present the content of the session

  • Technical instructions – it may just be one exercise
  • Adaptation of the level to the participants’ experience, strength and fitness level
  • The Work-out of the Day (WOD)

“We will often end the session with a finisher, the purpose of which is typically to squeeze the last juice out of the participants,” smiles Camilla.

Train CrossFit or TRX with Camilla Pabijan

You can participate in Camilla Pabijan’s classes as follows

  • CrossFit WOD Tuesday 6.00 pm, Friday 9.00 am or every second Saturday at 9.00 am
  • CrossFit Striking Wednesday at 8.00 am
  • TRX Functional (Level 2) Monday at 10.00 am, Tuesday at 5.00 pm, Thursday at 10.00 am kl. 10.00, Friday at 10.00 am or Saturday at 10.00 am
  • TRX H.I.I.T. Friday at 07.30 am
  • TRX WOD Friday at 10.00 am

Book your place at Camilla’s TRX or CrossFit classes under Group Fitness Classes.

Personal Training with Camilla Pabijan

You can also book a personal training session with Camilla by calling the Spa & Fitness reception at +45 4558 5800. Or by mailing her at
Learn more about Camilla Pabijan’s background and her work as a personal trainer.

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