At Kurhotel Skodsborg it is our vision to be the leading Nordic spa hotel. As an essential step on our journey towards this goal we have developed three unique health retreats. The retreats are based on our founder – the visionary Dr Carl Ottosen’s – eternal principles for the healthy life: light, air, water, nutrition, exercise and rest.
These principles have inspired us to develop health retreats which can fit in with a busy everyday life.
The retreats ensure visible results here and now, and help you on your path towards becoming the best version of yourself.


When you want delicate skin, radiating with health
On the DE-AGE retreat we focus on the body, both internally and externally.
You will achieve visible results and professional inspiration for improved, daily skin routines involving nutrition, lifestyle and beauty care.
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A well-deserved break for body and soul
We create a setting which ensures calm and thereby new energy for your return to your everyday life.
On the DE-STRESS retreat you will find presence and joy: through body consciousness and nutrition as well as physical and mental training.
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Your thoughts will be clearer, your skin will glow, and your inner flow will be improved
On the DE-TOX retreat your body will be detoxified and you will be inspired to treat it with greater respect in your everyday life; you will achieve balance, self-satisfaction, and peace of mind.
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Nutrition Expert Gitte Høj

Acupuncturist and Reflexologist Eva Riis

Stress Coach from Lehman Partners

All our health retreats last for three full days with two overnights, all meals are included as well as free access to our beautiful spa and our training facilities. Guests will have a nutritional consultation with Nutrition Expert Gitte Høj, and it is possible to buy additional lifestyle and health consultations as well as beauty and wellness treatments and of course additional overnight stays.

Booking should take place seven days before check-in.

We invite you to contact to learn more about our unique health retreats.

We look forward to welcoming you.