We all need to focus and find tranquillity in our modern, busy and often stressful lives. More and more people turn to yoga, the more than 5,000 year old Indian system of breathing exercises and physical postures. The goal of yoga is to achieve a natural state of balance, and yogis (people who do yoga) experience many advantages from practising yoga. On the physical level they build muscles and increase the flexibility of their joints, they improve their ability to coordinate and balance and learn to relax in the body. On the mental level yoga strengthens their ability to concentrate and helps them achieve mental clarity and peace of mind.


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The choice of yoga styles and classes has exploded in the Western world in recent years and can be a jungle to navigate. To make it more manageable we have at Skodsborg Yoga Suite chosen to focus especially on four yoga styles.


In hatha yoga we work with the classic yoga postures – mostly done at a moderate pace with breaks between the postures. We finish the class with meditation. With hatha you will increase your flexibility, balance and body control. Hatha is also great for reducing stress.
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Svaroopa yoga is meditative, gentle and therapeutic. Svaroopa takes its starting point in the tailbone which is the first body part to be developed in the foetal state. When you practice svaroopa you will quickly notice that your body and mind feels lighter and that you have more energy and peace of mind.
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In Kundalini yoga we focus on being present in the body, in the movement and in the now. Through simple, but very efficient, exercises and powerful breathing we prepare the body for meditation. We improve stamina and strengthen the body as well as the nervous system. Furthermore we release emotional tensions and achieve peace of mind.
Read the interview about kundalini yoga with our Yoga Teacher Lone Hunæus.


Astanga is active and physically demanding. It strengthens the body and increases its flexibility. Furthermore astanga de-stresses you and gives you peace of mind. We combine the yoga exercises with breathing, movement and body locks, whereby we build inner warmth, and cleanse the body.
Read the interview about astanga yoga with our Yoga Teacher Jens Bache.


Yin yoga focuses on mindfulness. The training leads your  body into deep relaxation and calm; the key to restitution, de-stressing, improved movability and ability to concentrate. We stay in relaxed poses for one to five minutes, whereby we achieve deep and calm stretches. Muscles and joints become more flexible and we reach the connective tissue.
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