Body and massage treatments

A massage or body treatment at Skodsborg Spa Beauty will release tension, cleanse your body and make you feel great. Our treatments incorporate our past knowledge and experiences at Skodsborg Spa inspired by Northern nature.

Please note that when purchasing a treatment of 50 minutes or more you can add on access to our spa from Monday – Thursday for DKK 300.


We kickstart the weekend with a special offer every Thursday: Book a minimum of two treatments and we invite you to enjoy our beautiful spa before your treatment.
We recommend using the spa prior to your treatment.

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Body treatments

Spoil yourself with one of our relaxing body treatments.

Body Glow

Glow – refining – moisturizing

A full-body scrub containing bamboo and jojoba beads followed by polishing, to refine and clarify the skin. Fruit serums aid in a deeper peeling effect. Massage oils are made of organic ginger and vitamin-rich blueberries mixed with creams based on algae and vitamins.

DKK 800 / 50 minutes

“Mamma to be”

Relaxing – smoothing – moisturizing

Experience a wonderful and refreshing body treatment during your pregnancy, with a focus on the areas most affected by your changed body. A full body smoothing scrub with natural, light body oils that will give your skin increased elasticity. Tensions in shoulders, legs and feet will be released and you will receive a revitalising treatment for your face.

DKK 800 / 50 minutes

Energizing Treatment

Muscle relaxing – energizing – deep cleansing

A refreshing treatment with the use of rosemary and camphor where your body is packed into 100% pure Moor Mud. This stimulates natural peeling, increases circulation and energizes muscles and joints. Scalp and face will receive a comfortable massage. Treatment concludes with body massage with organic-juniper and fennel oil.

DKK 1,150 / 80 minutes


A relaxing treatment that consists of a quick working bodyscrub that increases the blood circulation and gives renewed energy and a de-stressing massage incl. scalp massage.

DKK 1.150 / 80 minutes

Slimming Treatment

Cellulite – tautness – slimming

An intensive treatment starting off with a dry brushing. Your body is then rubbed with Spirulina-algae and covered in a warm wrap. This is followed by a deep massage with ginger and caffeine, tightening the skin and increasing circulation. Then cool compresses with mineral salts are applied. This is very effective on sore areas. Treatment concludes with full body moisturizing.

DKK 1,150 / 80 minutes


A firming full body treatment with the award-winning BIOEFFECT products that improve skin elasticity and firmness. The skin is cleaned with softening scrub containing micro crystalized Icelandic lava, followed by a massage that stimulates blood circulation and improves the effect of the active ingredients in the products. A treatment that gives a boost of shine and wellbeing.
Also suitable for pregnant women.

DKK 800 / 50 minutes


Duo Body Treatment

Please note that duo treatments can not be booked online. Please contact our Booking department on telephone +45 4558 5800.
Duo treatments can also be offered as solo treatments if desired.

Duo Body Treatment

Softening – deep cleansing – relaxing

The treatment is carried out by one therapist.

A wonderful shared experience, starting off with a foot bath. Then you are each wrapped into a 100% pure Moor Mud wrap which gives a natural peeling, increases circulation and energizes muscles and joints. While wrapped you will be given a wonderful facial massage. The treatment concludes with a relaxing application of mineral rich moisturiser.

DKK 800 / per person  – 80 minutes

Duo De Luxe Ginger and Hot Stones

Relaxing – pleasurful – mindfulness

Treatment is carried out by two therapists.

A relaxing luxurious treatment that begins with a natural salt scrub to soften the skin. This is followed by a relaxing massage with ginger and warm, healing stones. Your body is wrapped in beautiful blankets and your face treated with a re-moisturizing mask and a wonderful facial massage.

DKK 1,150 / per person  – 80 minutes



Massage stimulates circulation and helps to cleanse and detoxify the body. You will feel relaxed, eliminate tensions in muscles and joints and feel rejuvenated.

De-stress massage

Relaxing massage.

DKK 450 / 25 minutes
DKK 800 / 50 minutes

Skodsborg Classic massage

Back, neck and shoulder massage.

DKK 450 / 25 minutes

Skodsborg Classic massage

Back, neck, shoulder, legs and arms.

DKK 800  / 50 minutes

Skodsborg Classic full body massage

Full body massage (as Classic massage, including scalp, face, hands and feet).

DKK 1.150 / 80 minutes

Hydrotherm massage

Hydrotherm massage is a new and innovative threedimensionel massagesystem, where you lie on a warm waterfilled matresses while you enjoy your massage. The entire treatment takes place lying on your back. The combination of heat, floating on water and a unique massage makes this a treatment to be experienced.
Very suitable for pregnent women.

DKK 900 / 50 minutes
DKK 1,400 / 80 minutes

Pre-Natal massage

Relaxing massage using a special pillow allowing space for the belly.

DKK 800  / 50 minutes

Sports massage

In-depth massage focusing on muscle soreness.

DKK 500 / 25 minutes
DKK 850 / 50 minutes



Please note that cancellation should take place at least 24 hours before the scheduled treatment. For cancellation later than this, you will be charged 50 % of the price for the treatment.
Please note we have particular cancellation policies for groups (min 5 persons).

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All prices are as of January 1 2018. Prices and treatments are subject to change.