Piyana: “Svaroopa Yoga keeps Your Spine – and You – Eternally Young”

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”You will die, but you never grow old if you work your spine,” quotes our Yoga Instructor, Piyana Pommer.
Piyana is specialized in Svaropa Yoga as this form of yoga relaxes your tailbone and sacrum and thereby the spine. Svaroopa Yoga is a meditative, soft and therapeutic form of yoga, which can be practiced by everyone.
She says: “I guide the participants in my classes into the exercises. It is not in the physical but in the internal. The participants in my classes tell me they find inner peace. Mentally they learn how to let go and be present.”

Find Inner Peace with Svaroopa Yoga
Svaroopa means ”finding your inner self” or “be your own bliss” in Sanskrit. And this was exactly, what Piyana did, when she began practicing Svaroopa Yoga to find inner peace in a busy everyday life with three children and a fulltime job.
Piyana was so impressed by the results from practicing Svaroopa Yoga that she chose to take a three-year yoga education from Master Yoga Foundation – Home of Svaroopa Yoga in the USA. Piyana’s teachings take their starting point in a holistic outlook, and she has supplemented her yoga education with training as Coach, Shiatzu Masseuse and Reflexologist.
Personally Piyana stays in shape by walking, bicycling and – once in a blue moon – training in a fitness centre. But yoga almost makes physical exercise superfluous.
Piyana elaborates, “When you learn to relax your muscles, you experience that your muscles become stronger.”

Yoga Classes with Piyana at Kurhotel Skodsborg
You can follow Piyana’s classes at Kurhotel Skodsborg as follows
Wednesday – 3.30 am Svaroopa yoga – 5.00 pm Hatha yoga – 6.30 pm Svaroopa yoga
Friday – 8.00 am Meditation – 9.00 am Svaroopa yoga
Saturday – 10.30 am Svaroopa yoga – 12.00 am Svaroopa yoga
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As something completely new you can book private sessions with Piyanna Pommer by calling reception in Spa & Fitness at +45 4558 5800. Or by writing Piyana at info@yogaforlife.dk

Achieve Your Goals with a Personal Trainer
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The Trainer explains, guides and motivates you throughout the process in order for you to reach your goals.
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