In collaboration with Crime Author Sara Blædel we host a series of intimate author’s events titled Nordic Noir at Skodsborg. The events highlight the Scandinavian crime novels, topping the bestsellers’ lists all over the world at the moment.


Sara Blædel – One of the Danes’ Favorite Authors

Sara Blædel has written nine books about her regular main character, Louise Rick, head of the Search Agency at the Copenhagen Police, and her girl friend, Journalist Camilla Lind, as well as many-facetted gallery of characters at the Copenhagen Police Head Quarters.
Sara was crowned as the Danes’ favorite author (today known as the Martha Award) four times. She was awarded the prize De Gyldne Laurbær (The Golden Laurels) 2014 for KVINDEN DE MELDTE SAVNET (The Woman They Reported Missing) and has most recently received the Audience Prize 2016 at the crime fair in Horsens.
Sara Blædel’s books are published in 33 countries and have sold more than 2 million copies in Denmark alone.

Elsebeth Egholm

Elsebeth Egholm was born and raised in Aarhus. After a number of years at the Danish Conservatory of Music, she became a journalist and was employed on Berlingske. Egholm debuted in 1999 with DE FRIE KVINDERS KLUB (The Free Women’s Club) and has since published a number of books. The first volume of her popular crimes with Dicte Svendsen, SKJULTE FEJL OG MANGLER (Hidden Mistakes), was published in 2001. So far, she has written nine volumes in the series, most recently DØDVÆGT (Deadweight) from 2015. Elsebeth Egholm is one of Denmark’s most read authors, and her books have been sold for publication in a number of countries, including Sweden, Norway, Holland, Italy, France and England.

In the intermission guests are treated to ”Tea with Georg” and homemade delicacies inspired by the new Nordic kitchen. After the intermission, Sara welcomes questions from the audience.


Wednesday 1 November 2017


DKK 240 including “Tea with Georg” and home-baked cakes

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