Meetings packed with energy, enjoyment and inspiration

At our meetings and events you will always find a host of activities to please and inspire your participants. These are our suggestions for team building activities:

High Tech Scavenger Hunt in Dyrehaven

In cooperation with SiriusPartner we arrange high tech scavenger hunts in the beautiful Dyrehaven, literally our back yard. You will be grouped in teams of 3-5 and equipped with computers, GPS-trackers, satellite maps and mobile telephones. On the sound of “Go” you will be part of an entertaining, intense and captivating race.

This race challenges your ability to cooperate and communicate and offers something for everyone.

Laugh, Clap and Sing Gospel with Julie Lindell

“Julie Lindell has a voice like warm chocolate” wrote a music critic, but the dynamic gospel singer also engages in fantastic team building activities. She will take relevant topics from your conference, have participants write lyrics about the topics and lead them to laugh, clap and sing in chorus, just as we are familiar with from gospel services from Harlem, New York.

Discover Dyrehaven on Mountain Bike

Take an exciting, challenging – and beautiful – ride on a mountain bike in Dyrehaven. The route will be tailored to your wishes, fitness level and sense of adventure.