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“It was as if lightning struck,” says Yoga Teacher Lone Hunæus about her first experience with kundalini yoga.
Lone had many years of experience as a yogi (someone who practices yoga) and had travelled to Costa Rica for a 200 hour course to qualify as a yoga teacher.
One of the goals of joining the course was to get acquainted with different types of yoga – and finding her preferred type of yoga.
Lone had left a challenging, but very interesting, job as CEO at an advertising agency. For an extended period she had felt that sea change was needed in her life, and kundalini yoga turned out to be the answer…

Kundalini yoga reduces stress and gives peace of mind

“Stress is one of the main threats to our health nowadays and one of the big challenges is to be aware of your body’s signals,” says Lone Hunæus.
“In kundalini yoga we focus on being present in the body, in the movement and in the present. Through simple – yet very efficient – exercises and powerful breathing we prepare the body for meditation.”
Lone adds: “Every class is composed of yoga exercises, stretching and meditation. The exercises strengthen the body, release emotional tensions and reduce stress.”

Kundalini yoga is very tangible and ensures immediate results

“In my experience kundalini yoga is especially appealing to men,” says Lone Hunæus.
She smiles: “Men tend to be fairly competitive. Often they have done sports which have been physically challenging, and have made their muscles short and stiff. Thus many men dislike entering a room, primarily filled with women, who are able to perform some exercises and positions, which they can’t possibly dream of emulating.”
“The exercises in kundalini yoga are fairly specific and resolute. The energy circulates; the participants feel their bodies in a new way and quite quickly achieve the peace of mind they aspire to.”

Yoga classes with Lone Hunæus at Kurhotel Skodsborg

You can participate in Lone Hunæus’ classes at Kurhotel Skodsborg as follows
Monday – 3.30 pm Hatha yoga – 5.00 pm Kundalini yoga
Tuesday – 8.00 am Hatha yoga – 09.30 am Kundalini yoga
Thursday – 08.00 Hatha yoga – 09.30 am Kundalini
Learn more about the different classes – and sign up – under GROUP FITNESS CLASSES

One-on-one sessions with Lone Hunæus

Lone Hunæus has recently begun teaching private courses, especially for professionals with an ambition of finde inner peace and presence in a busy everyday life.
“I know what it is like to be caught up in the rat race,” says Lone, “and professionals find it a relief that I meet them eye to eye.”
Contact Lone at lonehunaus@hotmail.com if you would like further information about her one-on-one sessions.

Lone Hunæus’ yoga certificates and background

Lone Hunæus has passed the below yoga certifications
Kundalini Yoga (2-year course in Sweden – 400 hours)
Yoga Alliance (200-hour course in Costa Rica)
Hormone Yoga for Diabetics (50 hours)
Hormone Yoga (50 hours)
Ashtanga Yoga – Series 1 (50 hours)
Furthermore Lone Hunæus was one of the founders of the association of Danish kundalini teachers.
Lone has a master in marketing from Copenhagen Business School and has worked as a project manager and CEO in the advertising industry.