Jens Bache: “Astanga Yoga Helps You Find Balance in Your Life”

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I was huffing and puffing. But afterwards it was fantastic – like breathing freely for the first time ever,” says Yoga Teacher, Jens Bache, about his first experience with yoga about 20 years ago.
Jens Bache was in the middle of a traditional career pattern and a co-student at Berkely University, California had lured him into participating in a yoga session.
“I found it difficult to relax in my busy everyday life,” explains Jens. “I could bike and go for walks in the forest but that was primarily in the weekends. The yoga sessions a couple of times a week and a daily yoga practice at home gave me the peace of mind I was looking for.”

Astanga Yoga Helps You find the Balance in Your Life

”Astanga yoga is a great, allround practice for everybody who wants to  find balance in their life,” says Jens Bache.
He elaborates: “It helps your personal development and helps you find the extra energy to get into a good physical and mental shape.”
Jens happily recommends the book “Yoga Mala” by Pattabhi Jois (which he has translated into Danish) for yogis who want to learn more about the theoretical and philosophical aspects of astanga yoga.

Astanga Yoga for Men

”Men are often sceptical about yoga but I experience that they often use astanga yoga as a supplement to more explosive forms of exercise, like running, cycling or CrossFit,” says Jens Bache.
“By learning to use their breathing in a conscious way and build heat from within they discover that they can loosen their muscles and achieve great physical balance when compared to the more explosive movements.”
“Men often like the slow exercises and being guided in quiet and relaxed breathing.”
He smiles: “Often they almost fall asleep during the final, relaxing exercises.”

Astanga 1 and Astanga Mysore

Jens Bache will begin teaching astanga yoga at Kurhotel Skodsborg from Saturday 19 August 2017.
He will teach two levels: Astanga 1 and Astanga Mysore.
For Astanga 1 the teacher will guide the students so they learn how to move to the breathing as well as the method and the positions. All the students will follow the same rhythm and it is  a good introduction to astanga yoga for those who have not tried it before.
Astanga Mysore is for the students who know the breathing exercises and the positions so that they can work in their own rhythms while the teacher guides them individually. The students will work with developing their own practice at home between the sessions.

Yoga Classes with Jens Bache at Kurhotel Skodsborg

You can participate in Jens Bache’s classes at Kurhotel Skodsborg as follows
Saturday – 07.30 am Astanga Mysore – 09.00 am Astanga 1
Learn more about the different classes – and sign up – under GROUP FITNESS CLASSES

Jens Bache’s Yoga Training and Background

Jens Bache experienced yoga for the first time at UC Berkeley in California in 1997. When he returned to Copenhagen he participated in his first workshop in 1999 and has since participated in workshops in Sweden, Italy, Finland, India, Portugal, Norway and Switzerland. Furthermore he has arranged workshops and retreats in Denmark.
In 2003 Jens travelled to Mysore to learn from Guruji at the KPJ Ashtanga Yoga Institute and has since visited the institute once a year to maintain and expand his knowledge.
Jens is one of the founders of Astanga Yoga Skole København, which he still owns and manages. He has translated Sri K. Pattabhi Jois’ book ”Yoga Mala” into Danish and is one of the masterminds behind the documentaries ”Guruji in Copenhagen” and ”Sharath in Copenhagen”.
Jens studies Indology – the teaching about Indian history, literature, philosophy and culture – at the Copenhagen University, supervised by Professor Kenneth Zysk.
We invite you to learn more about Jens Bache’s background.