Skodsborg Medical

Have you checked your life status recently?

Are you where you want to be? Are you making the best choices, or do you often compromise? With a cross-disciplinary team of highly qualified specialists, Skodsborg Medical will help you find the balance in your life – both physically and mentally. Focusing on the prevention of life-style diseases, including heart disease and diabetes, the aim of Skodsborg Medical is to develop long-term, lifestyle changes, that will ensure your quality of life and health as a natural part of your daily day. We are proud to offer the most complete program available within prevention and lifestyle optimization with a team of talented doctors and specialists.

Jens Thygesen is trained as a specialist in general medicine and is one of the doctors in Denmark who has done most health screenings. He has a wide range of experience from both the private and the public health system. When doing health checks, Jens also offers an ultrasound scan.

Skodsborg Medical offers

  • Preventative Health Examination
  • Health and training program
  • Health Certificate
  • Specialist consulting within nutrition, food preparation and training as well as cognitive therapy
  • Health Retreats at Kurhotel Skodsborg
  • Psychological consultations


Basic Health check

DKK 2.900,- / 45 minute medical, ultrasound scaning and enhanced blood test profile.


  • Blood cholesterol profile incl. triglycerides
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) and fat%
  • Blood sugar
  • Blood Pressure / Pulse
  • Height / Weight
  • Ultrasound scanning, carotid scan and ultrasound of the liver in regards to fat content and the main artery in regards to calcification and aortic aneurysm.
  • After completing the survey, the client will recieve all results.


Health check

DKK 4.500,- / 1 1/2 hour medical with full laboratory profile and lifestyle talk.


  • One and a half hour medical with full laboratory profile and lifestyle talk.
  • As a prelude to the study  the client fills out a questionnaire via the Internet. The doctor use these data in preparation and during the study.
  • Lifestyle Talk
  • A clinical medical examination and biochemical blood profile.
  • A risk assessment of lifestyle, stress and hereditary conditions and on the basis of the findings, the doctor advice.
  • The doctor prepares a personal action plan.
  • After completing the study a personalized report will be sent by mail.


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