Skodsborg Care

Skodsborg Care offers a high level of professionalism, individually designed health programs where personal care is in focus.
Skodsborg Care offers rehabilitation, recreation and professional guidance in order to assist your recovery after illness or surgery and we also administer intravenous treatments.
Skodsborg Care is located at Skodsborg in the most beautiful surroundings near forest and ocean.
Skodsborg Care offers a 24/7 highly qualified team, who will adapt the treatment to your exact needs and requirements.
Skodsborg Care wants for you to get well and/or fully operative, physically as well as mentally.
We look at the whole person, meaning that our doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, nutritionist and cook will tailor make a treatment specifically to fulfil your needs and reach the goals, which we, together, have defined for you. It is our philosophy that you can achieve your goals through active rehabilitation, always based on an assessment of your resources and limitations.


  • Rehabilitation, offering a wide selection of individually designed programs.
  • A high service level and personal care.
  • Highly trained & qualified team 24/7.
  • Cand. Med & Medical Director, Jens Thygesen attends to patients.
  • Exclusive private rooms with or without private baths.
  • Organic skincare products from the spa at Kurhotel Skodsborg.
  • All rooms have elevation beds, intercom, a desk area as well as a cosy reading corner with a comfortable chair.
  • Selected rooms have oxygen and suction.
  • Tasty, healthy food is delivered by the gourmet chefs from Kurhotel Skodsborg. The food can be adapted to individual wishes and demands. As an add-on, individual diet program by a nutritionist can be prepared.
  • Individual physiotherapy is offered twice daily/on public holidays and once in the weekend, according to the patient’s needs.
  • This can include balance training, co-ordination training, strength training, and can take place indoors or outdoors in our unique, beautiful surroundings.


As something new Skodsborg Care offers functional rehabilitation, which is especially suited for professionals. In functional rehabilitation it is the goal that you quickly achieve full functionality, speeding up the process for returning to your professional life.
Here you get meals based on your preventive health examination as well as consultations with a nutritionist and a specialist trainer once a week.


Skodsborg Care always prepares a specific, individual offer for rehabilitation stays in order for us to fulfil the patient’s wishes and possible needs for care. Please note that we offer a wide selection of add-ons, such as psychologist, personal trainer etc, all according to the patient’s wishes and needs. All rates are in DKK, per night including full board from:

Single room DKK 4,300
Single room with ocean view and balcony DKK 4,800
Double room, including services DKK 7,400

All rates are indicative. The rates are subject to the fact that the patient is independent and can maintain his or her personal hygiene by him or herself or with a minimum of support.

Contact us at: +45 4558  5800 or +45 4558 5850