A.L.T. Facelift Technique

Facelift Technique (A.L.T.) is a gentle facial massage that works deep into the connective tissue. Skin is cleansed and stimulated using Kerstin Florians wonderful products, chosen to match your skin type. Using small, gentle movements, all the muscles in your face will be stimulated.

Your skin will become more elastic, alert and have a healthy glow. After only a few treatments, you will look younger. The process goes deep into the skin and encompasses all 97 muscles in your face, scalp, throat, neck and upper shoulders.

A.L.T. effects your entire nervous system and has an impressive influence on stress and tension. We recommend an A.L.T. treatment if you would like to retain a healthy glow without surgery, in a natural manner.

We recommend a series of 6 treatments.
A.L.T. is suitable for both women and men
Treatment is carried out by Helle Lundgren, authorised A.L.T. , CST- therapist and reflexologist.


DKK 850 per time / 50 minutes


Please note that all treatments of 50 minutes or more give full access to our Spa from Monday – Thursday.
We recomend using the Spa prior to your treatment.

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All prices are as of 1 January 2017. Prices and treatments are subject to change.